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Literature and philosophy were and are the things I considered and consider most important in one‘s life (besides eating, sleeping and - of course - doing your everyday bills at the end of the month). As far as I can remember I have devoured books in search for the meaning of life, knowledge and happiness. [...]


Slogan of the week: Feel the love 💖 🙃

Slogan of the week: Feel the love 💖 🙃 If you want a slowcoach to feel your love 😊😊💖💖😆:

Cooking: Homemade Doriyaki with Anko ❤️☺️

Cooking: Homemade Doriyaki with Anko Hello guys, 
This morning I accomplished one big dream of mine, namely to taste the sweetness of homemade Doriyaki. 
Doriyakis are a wonderful typ of sweetness that are being sold in shops, stores, and groceries all over Japan 🇯🇵. Their secret lies within two sheets of pancakes: Doriyakis are filled with smashed sweet Azuki beans which are then called anko. 
After having followed all the necessary steps to accomplish the task of homemade Doriyaki I am proud to announce that I have stored twelve fine Doriyaki in a box that will be my little bits of edible sunshine through this week.

Ignis Literature: Hades (by illspk)

Ignis Literature: Hades Hades Hades Your underworld we meet
Your underworld we met
Your wives are cutting pieces out from a thread
That we once called
Our lives

Baking: Sunday-Apricot cake 🍰✨

Hey guys 😊, 
So since this winter I have continued to bake from time to time aaaand this Sunday I decided to make a crumbles-cake 🙂✨🍰 
In a bowl, I started to mix the flour and sugar with the margarine I sliced into litte pieces before until I had turned the flour mostly into crumbles.

Spring Musicbox: Fresh & Funky Earcandy- Darlings 🍬🎧😎, Part 1p

Hello guys, 
I haven't posted the last two months and I am really sorry! I had a lot going on, stress at work, etc. 
So I'm trying to distress with some fresh & funky earcandy 🍬🎧😎 - what about you?

Inspiration: Christmas is coming and lots of love 💖🎄

Dear readers, Christmas is coming and just today I saw a happy fellow who had this beautiful and heart-warming pattern on the sweater: Two penguins kissing each other and a big red heart between them 💖✨

Street Bag Fashion (part 2): Lifestylegadgets – Winter is coming

Hello dear readers, So again I noticed some special bags this morning people were wearing that I wanted to share with you. 
This time the bags I found were rather a bit more dark colored: Grey, light grey, black, auburn, brown but there were also a few that were light blue, dark blue and colorful.

Winter Musicbox: Soul Search (by CloZee &VOLO)

Dear readers, 
Welcome to the new week! It's a new start and best to enjoy with a little bit of music 🎶🎧 when heading off to work early in the morning ☀️ My "piece of ear-sugar" I'm currently listening to is

Ignis Painting: Dragon 🐉 (part 2)

Dear readers, 
Here are the final pictures of the dragon painting. It took me a bit mote than a whole week to finish it (because I was constantly correcting some smaller things) but now I'm finally content with the outcome 🙂

Street Bag Fashion (part 1): Lifestylegadgets – Winter is coming

So on my way to work I noticed that a lot of people are getting ready for the approaching winter season. Some of them wore very special and usual bags two of which I could take a snapshot of 🙂

Ignis Painting: Dragon 🐉(part 1)

Dear readers 
In the past weeks I worked also as a volunteer to help out our student organization in organizing our event/ winterball:

Autumn Musicbox: Koto (by CloZee)

Dear readers 
I'm really sorry I haven't posted for so long. I was caught up with work for study so I lost track of posting for the last few days.

Too young to live and too old to die (by illspk)

We are too young 
To feel that grief 
At that song 
That love was brief 
We remain silent in disbelief

Ignis Literature: Life is like a bee (by illspk)

Life is like a bee 
The most beautiful creature that lives out of the sea 
So diligent, earnest, intelligent, domestic, caring, nurturing and respectful to its community
 While you are lying on a place somewhere at a shore
 This lovely creature is still working, dancing and humming
 Through its rhythm, music and through its flow

Ignis Literature: Curus – He said Epi (by illspk)

He said
Why are we slopped when we think "dead"?
Where are those thoughts that jump on our head?
We said
Why do we cry when damages are done that way?
Isn't there any other way to stay?