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Literature and philosophy were and are the things I considered and consider most important in one‘s life (besides eating, sleeping and - of course - doing your everyday bills at the end of the month). As far as I can remember I have devoured books in search of the meaning of life, knowledge and happiness. [...]


Thoughts/ Psychology: Positive mindset

Dear readers, In a world full of changes and dynamics it can be sometimes difficult to hold your inner mental balance and keep a positive mindset. But it is nonetheless important to do so. [...]

Twinvibes: Cannot let you go (by illspk)

Dracaena draco: The Dragontree“ (by illspk)

"Dracaena draco: The Dragontree“ (by illspk) appeared first on Ignis Literature.

Moonpoetry: When love makes you feel poor (by illspk)

"Moonpoetry: When love makes you feel poor“ (by illspk) appeared first on Ignis Literature.

You are on my mind (by illspk)

"You are on my mind“ (by illspk) appeared first on Ignis Literature.

Moiraian Thoughts: One cannot care less (by illspk)

Whisperings of a Geisha: In Love (by illspk)

Tokyo Man: Shinjuku Gyoen (by illspk)

The secret of the maze: A Labyrinth’s fairytale (by illspk)

White Fantasy: Your hearing is white (by illspk)

Sunless seeming sights (by illspk)

Natsu Hyuuga: The Apothecary Diaries – Vol.1 (light novel review)

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This book was devoured only within a few days and offers a mixture between ancient eastern history, thriller and mystery. Written by Natsu Hyuuga and illustrated by Touko Shino the first light novel of ‚The Apothecary Series‘ introduces its readers to an ancient eastern royal court where a young seventeen year old girl named Maomao is sold off to.


Are you in search of a gripping novel full of mysteries and intrigues within an ancient royal court’s place to be solved by a cunning and non-conventional female protagonist?

Meet Maomao, a strong-willed and observant young woman who grew up as an apothecary’s daughter within the red light district. Having seen and observed many things that are not lightly to be taken, Maomao has developed besides that a strange habit of experimenting with poisons on herself since her days as a child. Noticing her talent for…

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Quinrose: Alice Love Fables – Toy Box (Mangareview)

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Wow that was rather quick: I literally devoured the manga as soon as it was delivered this morning (see previous post unpacking the delivery) 😝💜.

‘Alice Love Fables: Toy Box’ is a collection of short stories drawn by Mamenosuke Fujimaru and written by Quinrose around the Otomne Games ‘Alice in the Country of Hearts’ (jap. Heart no kuni no alice), ‘Arabians Lost’ and ‘Crimson Empire’ that came out for PC and PS4 some time ago. The three of them have sold quite well in the past and were that popular, that the Seven Seas agency decided to bring on several manga adaptations that sold out pretty quick (reviews of them will follow 🥰).

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Confession of Morgan le Fay: Portrait of the beloved (by illspk)

The Morganian Revenant (by illspk)

"The Morganian Revenant" (by illspk) appeared first on Ignis Literature.