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Literature and philosophy were and are the things I considered and consider most important in one‘s life (besides eating, sleeping and - of course - doing your everyday bills at the end of the month). As far as I can remember I have devoured books in search of the meaning of life, knowledge and happiness. [...]

Moiraian Thoughts: One cannot care less (by illspk)

Ignis Literature

One cannot care less about the way you talk

Wondering if there‘s something that lies beyond your quack

One cannot care less about the way you hate

Because this is only your secret wish with one to mate

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Whisperings of a Geisha: In Love (by illspk)

Ignis Literature

Oh my man, I love you and I love you so much

You can put me at ease with just one touch

Of your eyes, of your lips or of your hand

During the night it will be my body that will joyful bend over

To dream with you passionately in the land of clover

And rise with you as the sun rises to shine

Oh my man whom I love so dearly, I wish that you would be all mine

But due to I am only a poor street girl, brought up as a courtesan to please

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Tokyo Man: Shinjuku Gyoen (by illspk)

Ignis Literature

Thick black hair, brown piercing eyes

When you spot him, he is all smiles

Calm soft voice, strong hands, heart of a child

Certainly knows how to keep the women wild

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The secret of the maze: A Labyrinth’s fairytale (by illspk)

Ignis Literature

The secret of the maze

Is a holy one to praise

When the moon is shining bright

And causing the cease of the sunlight

You can spot many mysterious creatures during the night

Like the strong and odd fellow who is called Minotaur

Who is the keeper of the secret and wanders through the depths of the maze

Keeping always two eyes open and looking out for intruders and any other digrace

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White Fantasy: Your hearing is white (by illspk)

Ignis Literature

Your hearing is white

Causing you many circles and shapeless forms tonight

That leave you seldom without fright

Because your hearing is white

Because your hearing is colorless

You might at first think that things might be a mess

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Sunless seeming sights (by illspk)

Ignis Literature

Sunless sights seem endlessly

When his heart starts speaking to thee

Bewitched by sparks that shine so gloomily

That thee could call him addicted to the dark

Only to understand where he would lark

When he would be feeling hurt

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Natsu Hyuuga: The Apothecary Diaries – Vol.1 (light novel review)

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This book was devoured only within a few days and offers a mixture between ancient eastern history, thriller and mystery. Written by Natsu Hyuuga and illustrated by Touko Shino the first light novel of ‚The Apothecary Series‘ introduces its readers to an ancient eastern royal court where a young seventeen year old girl named Maomao is sold off to.


Are you in search of a gripping novel full of mysteries and intrigues within an ancient royal court’s place to be solved by a cunning and non-conventional female protagonist?

Meet Maomao, a strong-willed and observant young woman who grew up as an apothecary’s daughter within the red light district. Having seen and observed many things that are not lightly to be taken, Maomao has developed besides that a strange habit of experimenting with poisons on herself since her days as a child. Noticing her talent for…

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Quinrose: Alice Love Fables – Toy Box (Mangareview)

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Wow that was rather quick: I literally devoured the manga as soon as it was delivered this morning (see previous post unpacking the delivery) 😝💜.

‘Alice Love Fables: Toy Box’ is a collection of short stories drawn by Mamenosuke Fujimaru and written by Quinrose around the Otomne Games ‘Alice in the Country of Hearts’ (jap. Heart no kuni no alice), ‘Arabians Lost’ and ‘Crimson Empire’ that came out for PC and PS4 some time ago. The three of them have sold quite well in the past and were that popular, that the Seven Seas agency decided to bring on several manga adaptations that sold out pretty quick (reviews of them will follow 🥰).

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Confession of Morgan le Fay: Portrait of the beloved (by illspk)

Ignis Literature

Your hair is black

Your eyes are a mixture between green & blue

Your heart has the shape of a beautiful large diamond

Because your thoughts turn first around all others and last about you


Your smile is enchanting

Because of your turquoise eyes’ beam

You are not at all what you at times may seem

But who would know you well enough?

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The Morganian Revenant (by illspk)

Ignis Literature

Stupid she was

Oh how stupid

Lost she had her beloved boy

One day he’d been deceived by others

And gone was their lover’s joy

He became a dark shadow king who would cruelessly toy

Around with her soul

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Jun Eishima: Final Fantasy XIII-2 – Fragments. The Beginning (book review)

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And we spent this weekend again with another great novel from the FF-Series (written by Jun Eishima): The novel « Final Fantasy XIII-2: Fragmente – Der Anfang » (or: « Final Fantasy XIII-2: Fragments – The Beginning ») would be the sequel novel to the first volume « Final Fantasy XIII: Episode Null – Versprechen » (or: « Final Fantasy XIII: Episode Zero – Promise ») which has been introduced in one of The Blue Books Board’sprevious posts🤩.

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Oh my Happy Buddha (by illspk)

Ignis Literature

Happy Buddha

Oh my Happy Buddha

I love you

You’re not mother nature’s prettiest beau

But your sharp eyes do pierce things kind of through

So that they reveal their true colored nature

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That one true friend (by illspk)

Ignis Literature

That one true friend

With a heart made out of gold

Not breaking apart

When tragedy is about to unfold

That one true friend

With his/ her warm hand

That takes a hold of mine

Through stormy nights

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Marie Kondo: Magic Cleaning (book review)

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Planning to make some changes finally happen after the Easter holidays? Or do you simply do not want to wait until the summerholidays arrive to start with your spring cleaning plan?

Be it the spring cleaning plan or simply a wish to bring a little bit of order and structure into your daily life: Marie Kondo can make this happen for you!

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Jun Eishima: The Dawn of the Future (book review)

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Just finished reading Jun Eishima’s newest book (June 2020, translated into English by Stephen Kohler) The Dawn of the Future. It’s a beautifully illustrated and wonderful book-adaption of the game Final Fantasy XV (Square Enix).

A true must-have and must-read for every FF-fan because within The Dawn of the Future the reader gets a further depth-insight of the main characters inner developments and thoughts as he wouldn’t have while playing the game.

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